The first words that God speaks in the Bible are, "Let there be light." And there was...and it was good! 

Many years ago my husband and I visited Mammoth Cave and we took a tour to the bottom of the cave.  While down there, the tour guide turned off all the lights and it was the most intense darkness I have ever experienced.  It is so dark in fact, the fish in that river do not even have eyes.  They would be useless...for there is absolutely no light to see. While standing in the darkness, the guide simply lit one little match and it was amazing how that little match drove away the darkness. When you think about it, all darkness is, is the absence of light.

It reminds me of this world and the fact that God is still saying to his children, "Let there be light."  He has called us for be salt and light to this world who is struggling every day to find their way in the total darkness that surrounds them.  Imagine what a difference your little light could make.  Don't ever count yourself too small.  Go out every day and let your light so shine that others may see Christ in you...that really is what they're looking for, you know.