Not all of our experiences with God are mountaintop experiences.  Some of our most intimate times with God are spent learning all over again the depths of His mercy and love for us.  We as human beings are so flawed and imperfect, and it takes a perfect Savior to bring us back to a right relationship with God.

When we feel ourselves slipping away from God, (and deep down, we always know), you can rest assured that He is reaching for you, He is pursuing His child. It is God's plan that we run to Christ and fall upon His grace and mercy.  It is never God's plan for us to be crushed, or to be separated from Him. 

My son told me once that he felt so far from God, that he had not spent time with Him the way he once did.  He said, "Mom, I feel like God may be tired of me." I explained just how untrue that was.  God, our Heavenly Father, pines for us.  He longs to spend time with us, just as we do our own children.  If we will only take that first step toward Him, God will meet us with open arms every time.