Have you ever walked through a field of wild flowers?  We live in the country, so we are blessed to be able to see fields of flowers, to listen to the birds singing praises to God every morning.  Birds and wildflowers...these are two things that a lot of people don't give a lot of thought to. I can tell you that God does.

Matthew 6:25-34 tells us just how much God loves these simple things...and how much more He cares for us.  God tells us to take no thought for tomorrow, to not worry, to not stress over whether we will have food, clothes, and place to live.  He takes care of the sparrows and the lilies of the field, and He will take care of us. 

Our job is to love God and have faith in Him as our Heavenly Father that He will give us good things.  God expects us to work hard, and then He expects us to rest in confidence in the fact that He knows our needs even before we ask. He desires to give His children (you and me) good things.  He sees every little sparrow that falls and He knows all about you, and He cares.