Monday morning...does that make you smile, or stress?  I think the devil works overtime on Monday mornings to stress us, discourage us, to fill our minds with negative thoughts.  It makes sense, because the weekend is family time, church time, a time of rest and refreshing for most of us, therefore I think the devil feels he must make up for lost time. 

I am here to tell you, we should wake up on Monday mornings praising the Lord that much louder, until it is deafening to Satan and his lies!  We are more than conquerers through Christ, and His plan is to give us abundant life...Monday through Sunday!  As Pastor Jeff so wonderfully preached last night, WE CAN MAKE IT! We are not here to just cope...but to be victorious every day through Jesus Christ! 

Meet Monday head on!  Wake up with a praise in your heart and on your lips!  Tell the devil, "Not only am I going to be victorious today, but I am going to help someone else along the way!"  Praise the Lord for Mondays!