A meteor shower happened just the other night. Our family had heard about the expected event on the news and it was supposed to be amazing. Later that night, our family was on our way home from church and we were all excited to see some "shooting stars". We drove faster to get out of all the lights of the city into a darker area so we could see a little better. If we were ever going to see the anticipated event, we were going to have to get out into the country, where it was darker, to be able to see. It seemed the darker it got, the brighter the shooting stars were. It truly was amazing!

In our not so distant past, making a decision to serve Christ and to live for Him was expected. Twenty years ago, in everyday America, the differences between right and wrong were obvious to almost everyone. We are not living in the same society anymore. Today, for most people, the lines are a little fuzzy. Unfortunately, what was once considered sinful is now almost common place. This world is getting darker and darker and it stands to reason that our lives should shine brighter and brighter.

Is your Christian light getting brighter and brighter in a darker and darker world? Can the world see you and your light for Christ even more clearly now? Your light should be brighter!