It won't last forever. That is a very comforting thought sometimes. When we are going through a rough place in our lives, we have to remember that the storms don't last forever. In fact, when they are over, they usually bring the most beautiful peace. But in order to experience that comforting peace, we must hold on tight to the Lord through the roughest times.

Just as the Lord did for his disciples in Matthew chapter 8, He will speak, "Peace, Be still," for us in the roughest storms we face. In verse 22 of that chapter, Jesus told his disciples to follow him, and they did. That is proof positive that wherever Jesus leads us, or whatever situation we find ourselves in, He is right there with us the whole time, and He will save us from the storm we are in. He will either calm the situation, or He will calm us and bring us safely through.

Hold on tight, and keep your eyes focused on the Lord. The wonderful thing about Jesus is that His mercy endures forever and He will never leave you stranded in a situation that will overtake you. In Lamentations 3, the writer has suffered through terrible circumstances, and all hope seemed lost. In verse 21 he remembers the mercy and compassion of the Lord and he again has hope. The writer goes on to tell how the Lord's mercy is new each morning and that God is indeed faithful. He was faithful to Jeremiah, and He is still faithful today. So, no matter the storm, hold on tight!